MarkitLogo is designed to make fundraising as effortless as possible, while promoting and increasing the spirit in your organization. Once the program is set up, minimal involvement by the organization will be necessary. MarkitLogo is a program offered exclusively by Cornerstone Business Graphics (CBG).

CBG will maintain an on-line store web site, supply products, decorate, package, and ship all items included in the program. The organization will promote the site to members while raising funds and increasing spirit with each order submitted.

Set up: CBG will set up an on-line store branded with your organization's logo, which will allow members access either directly, or from your organization's web site. Your on-line store will have the items that you selected available for members to purchase

Items included in the on-line store will be sold at a price set by you and approved by CBG. Included in the selling price will be the organization's profit, which will be turned over to the organization on a monthly basis. Profit to the organization will be approximately 15‰of each item sold, although this may vary depending on the selling price determined by the organization.

Type of Items: Any type of item may be included in the program; however, the program is geared towards articles of clothing and promotional products. Since one of the purposes of the program is to develop spirit in your organization, items should contain your logo.

There are two categories of items that may be included in the program:

  • In Stock (Screen Printed) Items: These items will be produced in bulk and warehoused by CBG. Examples of these items are Sports bottles, Car magnets, and Screen Printed T-Shirts and other Wearable's. These items will be paid for by the organization at the time of production.
  • When an order is received from a member via the online store for these items, the product will usually be packaged and shipped within 3 working days. The original cost of the item, plus the additional funds (profit) will be turned over to the organization by the 15th of the following month.

    All items must be depleted from inventory within 12 months. Additional charges will be billed to the organization for items warehoused in excess of 12 months.

  • On-Demand Items: These are items that will be created only after a member places an order. This category will primarily include items of clothing, but may also include backpacks and other cloth items. Due to the wide variety of sizes and colors that must be available, these items will only be decorated with your organization's logo upon receipt of a member's order. Examples of these items are: Caps, Sweatshirts, Dress shirts, Jackets, and Backpacks.

    Most of these items may be personalized with the member's name. CBG will not be responsible if the member has incorrectly spelled his or her name on the order.

    Shipment of these items will usually be about 7 working days for non-personalized items, and 10 days for personalized items. The cost listed on the online store for these items will include CBG's cost, and the organization's profit. The additional funds (profit) will be turned over to the organization by the 15th of the following month.

Payment: Inventoried items will be paid by the organization upon production. On-demand and personalized items may be paid for at the time of purchase by each member. All online purchases by members will be paid by credit or debit card. CBG accepts Visa, Master Card, and American Express.

Profit: In most cases, fundraising profit to the organization will be between 10-15% of the final price of each item. Although, after CBG's costs have been calculated and set, the organization will have the freedom to set the final selling price based on the amount of profit desired (with CBG's approval).

Terms and Conditions:CBG requires a one year (12 month) commitment to the program. The minimum amount of total sales required during this period is $1500. At the end of the year, the organization will be responsible for the shortfall if a total of $1500 in sales is not achieved.

There will be a one-time, $50 charge to digitize your logo. Additional art charges may apply if a good clean copy of the logo is not available. This one-time art fee will be billed upon commencement of the program.

Inventoried items not sold within a year will be subject to additional charges.

A detailed report of transactions, along with the funds due the organization for each month's sales, will be available by the 15th of the following month.

Shipping/handling costs and sales tax (if applicable) will be added to items sold online online and charged to members. brought to you by Cornerstone Business Graphics | | 877.693.9729